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Why ImpactActive

ImpactActive Hip Protectors are designed to protect the hips from injuries in a fall.

Impactactive Hip Protectors

You may be an active senior who still walks, cycles, skis and travels but have been diagnosed with low bone density, osteopenia or osteoporosis.  This doesn't mean you have to stop doing the activities you love but it does mean that you have the risk of a fracture if you should fall. 

Wearing ImpactActive during those times where you are at an increased risk of a fall can help keep you living the life you love.  Put ImpactActive on when you go for a walk, do your exercise or balance class or when you are travelling the world!

Falls and hip fractures are a concern for those who have cognitive impairments such as alzheimers; those who have suffered a stroke or those who have had previous falls or fractures.
It may be that you are the caregiver for someone who has an increased risk of falls or fractures.  ImpactActive  can help with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if a fall should happen, the risk of injury has been reduced.
ImpactActive are used by a large number of Assisted Living and Nursing Homes to help keep residents safe from falls injuries.  If you or your loved one is living in a residential care community and are interested in purchasing ImpactActive, ask a staff member if your community already uses these.  If not, contact us and we can send both you and the community further information.
Hip Protectors are recommended as effective to help reduce the risk of injury by a number of respected organizations such as:

A systematic review published in 2015 shows that the risk of hip fracture is reduced by between 69% and 80% when a hip protector is in place at the time of a fall. Korall AMB, Feldman F, Scott VJ, et al (2015) Facilitators of and Barriers to Hip Protector Acceptance and Adherence in Long-Term Care Facilities: A Systematic Review. JAMDA 16:185-193

​​ImpactActive  can be easily incorporated into your existing lifestyle.  The garments are designed to provide all day protection from injuries, are able to be worn day and night and the whole garment can be washed and tumble dried without having to remove the shields. 



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