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Frequently Asked Questions


- What is my size?
To find the right size for you – see our size chart and measuring instructions and our video guides. The measurement will be larger than your typical pants size as it is taken from around the widest part of your seat – not your waist or hips. We also offer a large range of sizes (9 in total) so the actual size you order may be different to your “typical” size.

- What fabric are the garments made from? Do they contain latex?
The garments themselves are made from a high quality fabric that is 95% cotton with 5% elastane – probably just like your current undergarments. This makes them comfortable, breathable, long lasting and easy to look after.  There is no latex in the garments.

- How do I wash them?
Impactactive garments go through your normal domestic or commercial wash and tumble dryer – just like your current underwear. The key to the Softshield Technology is that it not only provides protection, but it is really easy to look after. As with other quality materials, please do not use bleach to soak or as part of your washing cycle.
If they are washed in a commercial washer and dryer, they should last approximately 80-100 washes - that means they should last around a year if they are washed once or twice a week and we offer free replacement up to 3 months from purchase.  We recommend 3-5 pairs are purchased so that you always have one on, one in the drawer and one in the wash. 

- Will they fit under normal clothing?
We regularly receive feedback from customers that they are surprised at how easily Impactactive can be worn under normal clothing, without being noticeable. The shields are designed to protect the hips from injury while remaining virtually invisible under clothing.

- How do others use their Impactactive Hip Protectors?
From walking, biking, shopping or just when it is icy outside – Impactactive garments are designed so you can keep doing the things you love. Some people wear them only while doing a specific activity, while others wear them every waking moment. It really is up to you how often, and for what activities you want to feel the additional security that Impactactive protection provides.


- What are shipping costs?
In the US, standard 3-5 day shipping is $15.  Expedited 1-2 day shipping is $25. When you get to the checkout select your shipping preferences and the amount will be applied

- How quickly will my order be delivered?
In the US, standard shipping is 3-5 days but may arrive sooner.  Expedited shipping is 1-2 days.

- Do you ship outside the US?
Yes we ship around the world, just select your location when you checkout. Shipping rates and times will depend on your location

- What payment types do you accept?
Most Senior Care communities are set up on account and pay by direct credit or check.  We can also process credit card payments.


- What is the warranty?
Impactactive garments have been thoroughly tested and trialled, so we have no hesitation in offering a 30 day, no-questions-asked return policy for a full refund of the purchase price. We will also provide a full replacement and/or refund for 3 months following purchase should there be any fault with the garments or shields. For more detail please see our Terms and Conditions.

- What if it doesn't fit?
To ensure the best fit and positioning of shields, please follow the measuring instructions in the size chart. If you receive your Impactactive garment and they do not fit correctly, simply contact us and we will arrange for return of the garment (and any unopened garments) and replacement with your correct size.  It is important that you measure to ensure you are selecting the correct size.  If you do not measure correctly and the size is incorrect we will still replace your garments with the correct size however you will be charged for any additional delivery or return delivery costs.  If you measure and there is some reason why the garments do not fit correctly, contact us so we can achieve a solution.

- If it's faulty, can I return it?
Absolutely! See our warranty above – but in saying that we have had thousands of garments being used in a huge number of ways and overwhelmingly our customers are very happy. But if there is an issue we will make it right.
- How can I be sure it actually works?
Impactactive Hip Protectors have been thoroughly tested. The Softshield Technology has been tested at an independent biomechanical laboratory. You can also see the shields in action in our video. If you have any issues with your product we offer generous warranties and returns policies.

More questions?

If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, please get in touch – either via the Contact Us form, ask the Expert section on the home page, or by calling us directly on 1-888-375-4890, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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