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‘I was introduced to Impactactive underwear by a staff member at Highgate, where my 92 year old Mother lives. My major concern has been for her has been falling and breaking her hip. As soon as I saw the Impactactive underwear I knew this was the product for my Mom. She wears the underwear over her Depends brief and is very comfortable. She can manage taking the underwear and brief down and up without any problem. The underwear is very nice and light and easy to put on over the Depends. The hip protection is not bulky and does not show under clothing. I feel much more at peach now knowing that my Mom is protected should she fall.
The Care Givers at Highgate tried on the Impactactive underwear and gave it a test run – falling on the floor, taking them on and off, etc. They gave the underwear their total approval. They have been pleased with how well my Mom has adapted to wearing the Impactactive underwear. I also tried the underwear on over a Depends. I wanted to see how the Impactactive underwear felt so I put on one of my Mom’s Depends then the Impactactive Underwear and was really pleased how light this combination felt and comfortable. I highly recommend this product for its protective value and quality and lightness of the underwear, which is very nice.’
  • J Weaver, Highgate Senior Living, Prescott, Arizona
‘We have used Impactwear for many years and have been pleased with the product. The new pants with the inbuilt shields are soft and easy to wear. Also staff don’t have to worry about misplacing the shields and the patient can’t remove them.’
  • J Williams, Howick Baptist Healthcare
‘We currently have 6 residents using these hip protectors and they find them very comfortable. The staff find them user friendly and easy to wash.’
  • St Andrews Village
‘We are very pleased with the new hip protector pants you have supplied. The residents who are able to say find them more comfortable and a better fit. Staff find the residents are unable to remove the shields as they had previously and that they stay in place, rather than being twisted away from the hip area, for those who are able to toilet themselves. The variety of pants is also better, being able to use a pant with incontinence products as well is much easier for staff, and less distressing for residents having to be changed.’
  • Ross Home and Hospital
‘These hip protectors are great. We have had no fractures using them, and would recommend them to residents if needed. Technology of them is fantastic.’
  • S Dewar, Woburn
‘These products have been wonderfully successful in preventing injuries. Residents enjoy the comfort and are thoroughly loving the pleasing aesthetics. All of our residents “trialling” them are happy to continue using them on a daily basis. Overall staff and residents are thrilled.’
  • K Lawton, Ascot Care Home
I came to discover this product after a very hard and rocky hiking fall left me with a crack in my pelvis.  An almost undetectable fracture will still leave you unable to weight-bear for at least six weeks.  I am a very physically active 59 year old and consequently am not "well padded".  Add in a family history of low bone density and there is a greater fracture risk.  I tried the product and will not hike without wearing them!  I can hike and rock scramble without being aware I am wearing a protective garment.  I can wear them under all my hiking pants and shorts.
Even when most careful, trips and falls can occur - I don't want to risk being miles away from my car and not being able to walk.  I can give my recommendation to this garment to active hikers, senior or not, as well as those in senior care.
  • Christine, Phoenix AZ

On Saturday and today I did big climbs with areas of steep grades and large loose rocks.  Both times, on descent, I had a "sit down"... slipped and fell back on the rocks.  NOthing big, but both times my right hip could have been pretty sore.  With the shorts on... nothing!  My elbow suffered the big bruise, that I can handle!  I am SO grateful to have these shorts and will continue to be a big fan!

  • Christine, Phoenix AZ




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